Solo Rescue® Decon Washer

Solo Rescue® heavy-duty washing machine cleans gloves, boots, helmets, breathing apparatus (mask and cylinders) in a few minutes. The washing is a self-contained process, which minimizes contact time and health risks for the user.

Developed by RESCUE Intellitech, a Swedish company, the Solo Rescue® meets the Swedish Rescue Service's guidelines for handling contaminated equipment standards.


  • Reduces health risks
    Using the machine to decon equipment, firefighters' contact with hazardous substances and particles is minimized
  • Saves time
    Quickly decontaminate equipment in eight minutes versus hand cleaning equipment which can take up to a half-an-hour
  • Easy to use
    Simply load the contaminated equipment into the basket and select from two wash programs
  • Cleans equipment thoroughly
    Water jets can help clean equipment in areas that are difficult to clean by hand such as between the back plate and the cylinders


  • Up to 14 breathing apparatus per hour (1 insert max)
  • Up to 2 breathing apparatus per cycle
  • Up to 30 helmets per hour (1 insert)
  • Up to 60 helmets per hour (2 inserts)
  • Up to 60 pairs of gloves per hour (1 insert)
  • Up to 120 pairs of gloves per hour (2 inserts)
  • Up to 20 pairs of boots (1 insert)
  • Up to 40 pairs of boots (2 inserts)

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